At Studio CRG, we managed the power of learning combining new cutting-edge methodology with the latest  distance-learning research.

En Studio CRG, manejamos el poder del aprendizaje combinando métodos innovadores con los resultados de las últimas investigaciones en el campo de la educación a distancia. 

e-Learning Solutions & Language Consulting Services


Learning is a lifelong process that extends beyond the classroom. So, why ask your clients to restrict themselves to traditional settings?


At Studio CRG, we focus on education that’s far-reaching. We help your company bring it wherever your clients or employees are. By combining the fantastic power of contemporary technology with tried-and-true methods, we design programs that go beyond the classroom.


What we do?

Project evaluation

Istructional Design

We  design, edit , translate or adapt your class materials in the language of  your preference.  

Studio CRG

e-Learning Solutions  &

    Language Consulting Services

OUR  teams of international instructional designers, editors, technologists and  content -knowledge experts can assess  

your current programs and suggest a new course of action based on

the latest theories and technologies. 

From design to evaluation ...

Your project needs are the bases of our design.  

Project Design

From translation to design...

Learning in the palm

of your hands.

All processes start with a step. With our programs, now, companies can help their employees or clients  take that step wherever they are; whenever they can.

Todo emprendimiento comienza con un paso. Ahora, con nuestros programas,  las empresas pueden ayudar a sus empleados o clientes, a realizar ese primer paso sin importar el lugar, ni el momento.